All HAVE Project Partners are legally registered, non-profit organizations in Uganda. Their organization administration and support staff are Ugandan nationals. They are working tirelessly to empower and uplift their fellow Ugandans to ensure a brighter future for all.

Partner Projects work with vulnerable populations in the service areas of: Youth development, Orphan Care, Medical Services, Education, Evangelical Ministries, Recreations/Arts, Job Training, Talent Development, Health Awareness, and Community Development.

Some of the project Sites are;


Brain Trust College was established in 1999 by Reverand James Kabanda.  Brain Trust College is both a Secondary School (Senior 1- Senior 4), as well as a Vocational Institute currently offering hands-on, practical training in several professional trades like tailoring, carpentry, hair designs, crafts, and brick-laying.  Brain Trust College’s Mission is to offer students and community centered services/ministry that will promote self-reliance, self-employment and competence skills among students.  Their primary vision is to graduate knowledgeable, skilled and morally sound students able to out-compete others of same academic levels and age country wide.

Brain Trust is located in Kawumba-Buwana in Mpigi District (about 69 kilometers south of Kampala City center off of Masaka Road).

Brain Trust seeks volunteers and local partner support in the areas of Youth Development, Vocational Training/Education, and Health Awareness.


Adonai Children’s Ministry was established in 2014 by Pastor Douglas Semujju.  Adonai Children’s Ministry is a Christian-based orphanage providing complete care and educational support for 46 children (street children, orphans, and vulnerable children) ages 4-18 years.
Adonai Children’s Ministry is located in Kakungube.
Adonai Children’s Ministry seeks HAVE volunteers and local partner support in the areas of Education support, Orphan Care, and Medical Services.