Q: What will I do in Uganda?

A: HAVE has Partner Projects, which are legally registered non-profit organizations or ministries. HAVE’s Partner Projects are credible and serving Uganda’s most vulnerable populations (orphans, street children, medically fragile/HIV infected, uneducated/illiterate, destitute/extremely poverty stricken).

While completing HAVE’s Volunteer Application, you will share your volunteer interest area(s). HAVE will then match you with a specific volunteer project with one of HAVE’s Partner Projects. Next, HAVE will assist you and the Partner Project with planning all the details/logistics to successfully complete your volunteer project.

During volunteer work days, you will be asked to spend at least 6 hours working on your project, alongside Partner Project staff and/or members. There will be some scheduled days off for you to enjoy Uganda’s tourist sites.

Q: What support will HAVE offer to me during my stay?

A: On your Volunteer Application, you will share with HAVE your desired level of support. HAVE staff will be available 24 hours for support, counsel, or guidance. Your comfort, safety, and enjoyment are our priority!

Prior to your arrival in Uganda, HAVE will be in frequent email and/or phone contact with you collaborating and organizing important details about your volunteer project and travel preparations.

Upon your arrival in Uganda, HAVE will meet you at the airport and arrange your first night’s lodging. On your first day in Uganda, you will have a meeting with HAVE orienting you to Uganda, as well as finalizing details about your volunteer project. HAVE will provide transportation to your Partner Project site and ensure you are comfortably settled into your work/lodging environments. Then, on your last day, you will have a debriefing meeting.

HAVE will make at least 2 site visits during your time in Uganda, as well as maintain daily phone communication. In addition, special support services are provided by HAVE when needed.

Finally, even after your departure from Uganda, HAVE will send you at least 2 follow-up reports from the Partner Project detailing the status of your volunteer project.

Q: Where will I stay in Uganda?

A: While you can arrange your lodging reservations, HAVE offers recommendations for safe lodging accommodations based on your comfort level and travel budget. HAVE will provide you with all amenity details and photos to each recommended lodging site. Uganda’s lodging accommodations range from Local Hostels (at a cost of around $20/night) to Luxury Hotels/Resorts (at a cost of around $200/night). Accommodation choices will vary based on their availability at the selected Partner Project site.

Q: What will this volunteer experience cost me?

A:You would be responsible for all expenses pertaining to your airfare, travel Visa, lodging, food, transportation, and recreation.

HAVE requests you contribute a seed donation to your Partner Project site to assist with purchasing supplies/materials, paying additional wages to project staff, providing special provisions for projects, and assisting in maintaining the project after your departure. This seed donation will be a one-time gift.

In addition, HAVE requests compensation for administrative expenses incurred during your visit. These funds will assist with office expenses, support staff, and some of your transport.

Q: How do I join HAVE?

A: Just as HAVE has carefully selected credible Partner Projects, HAVE also has the responsibility to carefully screen potential volunteers. Please be assured that information provided will be kept strictly confidential, but each requested document is important.

You will be asked to complete HAVE’s Volunteer Application, provide a criminal background report, 2 personal letters of recommendation, copy of the Identification page of your Passport (which will be returned to you upon your departure), and signed copy of the Volunteer Portion of HAVE Partnership Agreement. Please feel free to email any questions to HAVE at ihaveuganda@gmail.com.

Once your application has been completed and approved, HAVE will begin planning your Ugandan volunteer adventure!